Work Day / General Meeting


Hello, Stalwart GSS Community!

Help improve GSS! On October 5, 2013, we will be getting together to work around the studio and improve the space in key ways. Please come and volunteer–you can come for the whole day or stay for a few hours, any time you have to give will be appreciated.

Bring a dish and stay for the potluck as we will eat as we talk. You will be helping to make your studio the best it can be! If you can only come for the potluck, that is fine, we want you here!

We of the Steering Committee have come up with a list of tasks on which we will work (please see it below). If you have more tasks to suggest, please let us know at We will send out an email as well to remind you of this important day.

Please volunteer and help improve GSS for us all!



[table  width=”400″ colwidth=”75|325″ colalign=”left|left”]

10-4,Work Day

4-6, General Meeting/Potluck

6-?, Carousing Afterwards into the Night


[table  width=”400″ colwidth=”150|200|50″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Area,Activity,People Needed

Print Shop, Tyvek the cieling (dust abatement), 4

General Areas, Deep Cleaning, 3

Metal Shop, Deep Cleaning, 3

Wood Shop, Deep Cleaning, 3


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