Silk Screen with Beka Goedde


Screenprinting with Beka Goedde

4 Tuesdays 9/10-10/1, 7-10pm
$195; $145 for members

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This 4-week course is a thorough introduction to screenprinting. We will cover the essentials: how to make a good film positive, how to prepare and expose a silkscreen, and how to print. Beginners, those new to the GSS shop and equipment, and anyone wishing for a re-introduction to screenprinting are encouraged to join. In the first class, you get the run-down of how to prepare your own screen-ready image, as well as how to coat and expose a screen. During the second class, we proceed through all the steps of printing. The remaining classes are for troubleshooting and printing on your own paper, your favorite t-shirts, tote bags for your friends, or you name it!

What we provide:  

  • Silkscreen to use during class sessions (approx. 20″ x 24″)– available for purchase to take home
  • Emulsion
  • Xerox transparency film (available for purchase)
  • Newsprint, proofing paper and printing ink (for in-class demonstrations)

What you bring:

  • On the first day, a suggested materials list will be covered in class.

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