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Member News: June 2013 Edition

We are proud to announce that Ricardo Miranda Zuniga has action on both coasts! Artist talk and rotoscoping workshop at ATA, San Francisco, CA Artist presentation – Thurs., May 30th, 7-9pm; Workshop June 1 & 2, 11am-4pm, for folks in the Bay Area, sign up at EXCESS at Franklin Art Works, Stamford, CT, Saturday, […]


Cyanotypes with Noah Breuer

Cyanotypes with Noah Breuer 3 Mondays 12/2-16, 7-10pm $145; $95 for members Cyanotype is one of the earliest a photographic printing process and yields a beautiful, cyan-blue print from a contact negative.During the first week of this workshop we’ll learn all the basics through a hands-on demonstration, including how to prepare the chemistry, printing paper and stencils using film negatives, […]


Monoprinting with Angela Conant

Monoprinting with Angela Conant 4 Wednesdays 10/9-30, 7-10 pm $195; $145 for members Monoprinting is an easy and accesible form of printmaking that allows the artist to paint onto plexi glass and make immediate and direct prints onto paper. No toxic chemicals or experience required. Students will be provided with inks, plexiglass plates and some […]


Intro to TIG Welding with Allen Slamic

Intro to TIG Welding with Allen Slamic 4 Wednesdays 9/11-25, 7-10pm $195; $145 for members Tungsten Inert Gas [TIG] welding is an arc process that uses a non-comsumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by an inert shielding gas. A filler metal (rod) is normally used in […]


Silk Screen with Beka Goedde

Screenprinting with Beka Goedde 4 Tuesdays 9/10-10/1, 7-10pm $195; $145 for members Sign up here: This 4-week course is a thorough introduction to screenprinting. We will cover the essentials: how to make a good film positive, how to prepare and expose a silkscreen, and how to print. Beginners, those new to the GSS shop […]


Intro to Digital Photography with Nikki Arendt

Intro to Digital Photography with Nikki Arendt 4 Wednesdays 8/14-9/4,  7-10pm $145; $95 for members This is an intensive introductory course that will help the beginning photographer to find what inspires them and give them the technical knowledge to make strong images. We will cover composition, basic lighting (daylight and studio), the various uses and […]


Collagraphs with Noah Breuer

Collagraphs with Noah Breuer 4 Mondays 7/1-22, 7-10pm $195; $145 for members A Collagraph is a collage-based way of creating an image for printmaking. Collage materials are glued to a rigid substrate (such as mat board or wood) then varnished and sealed to create a printing plate. This plate (or matrix) can then make many impressions using both relief and intaglio […]


Intro to Wood Shop with Jason Pickens

Intro to Wood Shop with Jason Pickens Saturday 6/22, 10am-6pm with 1 hour break $195 ; $95 for members Come learn about using the wood shop at Gowanus Studio Space.  You’ll learn from Jason Pickens, our talented furniture designer and fabricator. Sign up here:


Simple Signature Stitches with Shannon Kerner

Simple Signature Stitches with Shannon Kerner Wednesday 6/19, 7-10pm $65; $35 for members This course will start by learning the simple signature stitch.  As soon as students start to get this stitch, they’ll learn how to make the books larger with more stitches.  Learn to make multiple signature books using a variety of materials for […]


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