Papermaking for Print

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Papermaking for Print

PAPERMAKING FOR PRINT SATURDAY AUGUST 18TH 12:00pm-4:30pm Instructor: Akemi Martin SALE!! $95 for non-members, $40 for members Bring your sunglasses and flipflops! Paperm ...


Bring your sunglasses and flipflops!

Papermaker Akemi Martin shares techniques of fine papermaking.  You’ll learn advanced techniques specific to artists wanting to use their handmade paper for printmaking processes: relief, intaglio and lithography.
We’ll tour our neighbor’s impressive studio where paper works are fabricated by Chuck Close, Donald Baechler, Jim Dine and many other well known contemporary artists.
This isn’t your kitchen-made construction-paper-and-blender papermaking, this is a chance to see how the pros do it.  You will most likely get wet slinging paper pulp on the Gowanus sidewalk, so wear something you can get messy in!  You’ll come away with beautiful, quality paper, and you’ll have a vat-load of fun!