Member News: August 2014 Edition


The Dukode Team has built a new Kickstarter for their MindRider project! Check it out here! They are now ready to map NYC and create a citywide dataset that everyone can use! They will make a continuous map of all Manhattan, extend to the other boroughs as well, and publish the results in a map and guide.

MindRider: This stylish, innovative, and connected helmet gives you real-time insight of your brain state as you move throughout the city, and maps out where you are most relaxed and stressed. It is the first citywide neuro-geography!


Ricardo Miranda Zuniga has a collaborative project with Brooke Singer titled Excess NYC, on view at Artspace, New Haven as part of the group show Vagaries of the Commons curated by Sarah Fritchey.

The show opened Friday July 25th and will be on view through September 13th.

For the closing on September 13th, Brooke and Ricardo will be riding their food rescue and composting quad cycle around New Haven to gather food for a picnic at the gallery, come and feast!   More info here.

Beka Goedde has an installationFictitious Forcecomposed of 400+ cast and dyed concrete tiles, outdoors in Stowe, VT. It’ll be planted in the ground at that site until mid-October, as part of Exposed 2014, organized by Helen Day Art Center and curated by Rachel Moore.


Fictitious Force is located on a site approximately 50 paces in on the Stowe Bike Path from the parking area, which is behind the white steepled church on Main St. (Route 100). Here is the 2014 Exposed Map. It is visible and accessible at any time of day.

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