Jigsaw Relief Printmaking

4 Weeks, Tuesdays
June 26th – July 17th
Instructor: Noah Breuer
$205 Non-Members
$165 Members. Sign Up Now!

Learn the basics of relief printmaking, including how to use carving tools and the fundamentals of the printing press, and make a colorful block print jigsaw style. Jigsaw printing is a process of relief printmaking in which woodblocks are cut up like puzzle pieces, individually inked in separate colors and then reassembled and printed. The results are perfectly registered, multi-color prints that require only one pass through the printing press! Image transfer processes, printing techniques, embossing, and basic woodshop skills will be covered.

What we provide:
One woodblock
Proofing paper
Carving tools
Access to the woodshop during class
6 hours of Studio Time after the duration of the class*

What you will bring:
Extra paper to be discussed after first session.
Clothes appropriate for a print studio and wet ink (and an apron)
Drawings and ideas!

Jigsaw Woodblock Print

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