Intro to DIY Shoemaking with Jean Barberis


An Introduction to DIY Shoemaking with Jean Barberis.

February 16th 1:00PM-5:00PM

Nonmembers $65, members $35

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Learn how to design and make a pair of simple stylish shoes. You’ll learn the basics of shoemaking as Jean leads you through the basic steps  involved in making a pair of shoes by hand:

Design, cutting, assembly, lasting and soling.

This afternoon is an introductary workshop, and we will follow up with a full-blown, hands-on workshop in the summer where you will have the chance to make your own pair of shoes, from the ground up! Participants in this intro workshop will recieve a discounted price on the  in depth course, coming in July or August 2013.

About Jean Barberis:

Jean Barberis

I’m a maker, an artist, and  was Flux Factory’s Artistic Director for 12 years.

I’m far from a professional, traditional shoemaker. I’m completely self-taught and I believe in sharing skills and learning by teaching.

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