Intro to Digital Photography with Nikki Arendt


Intro to Digital Photography with Nikki Arendt

4 Wednesdays 8/14-9/4,  7-10pm
$145; $95 for members

This is an intensive introductory course that will help the beginning photographer to find what inspires them and give them the technical knowledge to make strong images. We will cover composition, basic lighting (daylight and studio), the various uses and trades for photography (careers, hobby, fine art) and taking portraits. We will learn how to control your digital camera manually with f-stops, shutter speed and iso so that you have more control over the image you are taking. We will look at famous photographs in order to be inspired and to learn from them. Nicole Arendt has taught video courses at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and photography at the University of Texas at Dallas.

This course requires the student to have a digital camera with the option for manual controls. A DSLR is preferred but not mandatory. This class won’t require any outside supplies other than this.

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