Can I come and look at the space?

We invite folks via Submittable to Open Houses when we have spaces come available. To visit GSS, you will need to submit an application via Submittable here.

What do you do at GSS?

  • We provide space, equipment and support to emerging designers, artists and craftspeople.
  • We also have workshops, exhibitions and events!
    • You can find out more about us here.
    • Our workshops are listed here.
    • And watch our posts for upcoming events here.

If you need to know more, then feel free to contact our Press Contacts or email us.

How much does it cost to be a member?

There are different levels of membership.  You can check them out here.

If I’m a member, can I bring a friend to work in the studio space with me?

You can Bring friend to work in studio space with you only if you are present, they aren’t working on their own stuff and if they are working in the woodshop or metal shop, they will need to sign a waiver.

What is your workshop schedule?

If we have any planned, you can find our workshop schedule here.

How do I join GSS?

Fill out our online application to be e-mailed about our next open studio. 

Your application will be reviewed and you are welcome to come our next open house. Once you are accepted, you can become a basic member right away. Studios and other space options open throughout the year; you may use the general work area and fabrication shops at any time.

The Studio reviews applications on a monthly basis.  Memberships are month-to-month with no long term commitments and just require 30 days written notice of termination of membership.  We do however encourage our members to stay for at least 1 year. There is no limit to how long you can be a member!

Can I rent the common space for working on my art project for a day?

We allow this on a case by case basis – depending on how busy the studio is with our current members. Email us and let us know about your project needs.

Can I rent the metalshop for a day?

No, we do not offer this option. Our metalshop is for our members only.

Can I rent the woodshop for a day?

No, we do not offer this option. Our woodshop is for our members only.

Can I rent the printshop for a day?

No, we do not offer this option. Our printshop is for our members only.

Can I have my own private event?

We only do culturally-based events here and on a case by case basis. We typically don’t do weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc. If you have an art event, are a non-profit or have an event that is culturally based please email to tell us your needs and we’ll get back to you.

Do you accept proposals for art exhibits, non-profit or cultural events?

Yes we do!  Contact us and let us know about your proposal.

Can I have my band play at GSS?

No, we aren’t a venue. Some of our events or fundraisers might have a band as a part of the evening, but we do not have bands play unconnected to an event.

Can I rent the space for a photoshoot?

We don’t have a separate enclosed space for shooting studio photography, so GSS probably won’t work for you.