Membership is open to artists, designers and craftspeople who need affordable space, facilities and equipment to bring their work to life. We have been an incubator to many artists as they develop their careers further. Sadly, we do not have the proper ventilation to support oil painters.

Rental Rates

Initial Membership Fee $300 Each member pays an initial, one time only, lifetime membership fee. Even after you leave us (sad!), we honor your membership for discounts on workshop fees and other benefits.

Members pay a basic membership rate, with the option to rent storage space or a private studio, when available.

Monthly Rental Rates Fee Benefits
Basic Membership $190/mo. Includes access to all tools and workspace
Membership + Closet $240/mo. Includes access to all tools and equipment, open workspace, and a private 2’ deep x 4’ wide closet for storage.
Membership + Large Closet/Bay $270-370/mo. Includes access to all the tools and equipment, open workspace, and a private 5’ wide x 7’ deep x 8’ tall storage bay.
Membership + Private Studio $400-735/mo. Includes access to all the tools and equipment, and a private, white-walled studio space.*

How to Join

Fill out our online application to be e-mailed about our next open studio. 

Your application will be reviewed and you are welcome to come our next open house. Once you are accepted, you can become a basic member right away. Studios and other space options open throughout the year; you may use the general work area and fabrication shops at any time. In order to keep the shops from becoming too crowded, applications are evaluated in part based on which facilities applicants expect to use most frequently.

The Studio reviews applications on a monthly basis.  Memberships are month-to-month with no long term commitments and just require 30 days written notice of termination of membership.  We do however encourage our members to stay for at least 1 year. There is no limit to how long you can be a member!


We run open houses throughout the year so that you can learn more about membership and see the space. If you are unable to attend the next one, no worries-we will always invite prospective  members to take a tour after they have applied and are invited to join GSS.


All members enjoy 24-hour access to the workspace, including our woodworking, printmaking, and metal shops—as well as a large, sunny open space, laptop co-working area and wifi throughout the studio!