The Gowanus Studio Space offers a print shop which is equiped for Intaglio, Relief, Silkscreen and Letterpress. The shop has 14’ ceilings, a concrete floor, natural and artificial lighting, and is well-ventilated. The shop is available for use by members 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Equipment Listing by Medium


  • Vacuum Table
  • Large and Small Drying Racks
  • Vacuum exposure unit (32” x 39”)
  • Screen Coating supplies
  • Washout and cleanup booth

Intaglio & Relief

  • Dickerson Combination Press (27” x 48” bed size)
  • Felts
  • Soaking trays for Ferric Chloride & paper
  • Homasote sheets and drying rack
  • Large hotplate
  • Palette knives, rollers, glass counters
  • Miscellaneous expendable supplies


  • Chandler & Price Craftsman 14-1/2” x 22” motorized Platen Press
  • Chandler & Price Pilot press
  • Assorted wood and metal furniture, keys, quoins, gauge pins, packing, etc.
  • Poco cylinder press (for galley and composition proofing)
  • Ludlow Typograph with various composing sticks (for line casting)
  • 5 cabinets of Ludlow matrices
  • Hammond Slug Cutter (for cutting leading)
  • Assorted job cases of loose type in various typefaces and point sizes

The print shop at GSS is especially well suited for artists wishing to work in more than one print medium. The shop is managed by a technician but is not staffed on a constant basis. Use of specific work areas and pieces of equipment is available by scheduling on a Google calendar, which members share. Members who wish to work on the motorized platen press must undergo training with the shop technician. A limited number of flat file drawers for $25/month and small cubbies for $20 are available for printmakers to store their work and supplies.

The shop has a variety of printmaking supplies on hand, but we do not stock or sell many common expendable items. Members should be prepared to supply most of their own needs, including but not limited to the following items:

  • plates
  • gloves
  • apron
  • sponges
  • tape
  • mylar
  • paper towels
  • printing paper
  • registration pins
  • foil/wax paper
  • contact paper
  • razor blades
  • drawing materials and tools
  • inks